It's National Make A Friend Day!

It’s National Make A Friend Day!

Did you know It’s National Make A Friend Day!? February 11th is national make a friend day. Have you made any new friends today? Do you know how to make new friends? Maybe we should have a refresher course.

How to make new friends:

1. To be fair no one said they had to be physical friends, especially in this time of COVID. Hop out there on the internet and start a conversation with someone. Leave a comment on a photo or some post they’ve made. Make sure it’s not a comment for a comments sake. Make your comment something relevant to the post. And make sure it’s something you’re actually interested in. It helps if you can say more than two sentences about the post. If you don’t like basket weaving don’t leave a comment on a post about basket weaving.

2. Talk to someone in the grocery line. Notice what their wearing. Does the person have on a sports jersey? Do they have a T-shirt from a vacation spot. You could also check out the items their buying. Do they have some sort of fancy sauce in their cart that peaks your interest? Do they have a rump roast? Ask them about their meal, or diet.

3. Go down to you local bar or coffee shop. Say “hey there, How’s it going.” ask them about their drink. If they want to talk and possibly be friends they’ll offer more than a short answer. They might even ask you about your drink.

4. See if there are some events going on near you. If you find something that’s interesting, you should think about going. Like minded people show up at things that interest them. Maybe you like local bands? If you’re watching the band play then chances are someone else also likes to watch local bands. Ask someone what they think about the band. You could make the move into talking about some of your favorite bands.

5. You could rekindle an old friendship. Even though it’s national make a friend day, I feel like it’s not a far stretch to rekindle an old friendship. Have an old college acquaintance you use to have class with on your social media? Shoot them a message. Let them know that you were thinking about them and you were wondering how their life is. I’d tell them that it’s national make a friend day. And you thought about checking up on an old friend that you had lost contact with.

All that being said. Don’t take it personal if someone doesn’t want to start a conversation. We live in a fast paced world where some people would rather go on about their day in silence. And that’s okay! Also, don’t be creepy about it. Don’t stare at someone for an hour and then say hello. That’s how you go from friendly person to stalker very quickly. Think about how you would feel if someone came up to you and started a conversation about your topic. It’ll help the process tremendously.

Do you have a way that you make new friends? We would love to hear about it! Leave it down in the comments!
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