Three Reasons You Should Go Hiking Now!

Three Reasons You Should Go Hiking Now!

Three Reasons you should go hiking now!

1.To get lost

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life sometimes it’s good to loose yourself. Turn your phone off, leave your headphones at home. Reconnect to the environment. Let the world deal with it’s on problems for a moment. Let the natural world feel you with the chirping of birds, the smell of dried leaves, and the sound of a near by stream.

It’s a kind of poison to our soul. Constantly sitting and listening for the next pointless notification. If you miss it no one’s going to know. We spend too much time letting social media determine what the center of our universe is. And what we should care about.

Go get lost! At the point your surroundings become unknown. You begin to realize what’s actually important.

2. Go find yourself

You’re not the compilation of your tweets, posts, texts, or zoom meetings. No matter how much you think you are. You’re much more than that. You’re the latest link in a chain that stretches back to before time began. That chain began with you just like everything else you see in the natural world. At no other point in history have we needed to be constantly connected at the hip to anyone else via a cell phone.

Go find yourself a nice trail with a path that leads to you. It doesn’t have to be a long trail. The perfect hike is the one that’s under your feet. Take a hammock, a snack, and a bottle of water. Sit up shop under some unknown canopy and try to figure out how you relate to it.

Not being connected might give you a feeling of unease. If that’s the case you’ve been connected way too long. You might find yourself feeling your pocket with a urge to connect to your device. That’s natural. you’re going though the withdraws from technology. The part that is a complete fabrication is world being in our pocket. The world isn’t in your pocket, the world is around you. Take some time to notice it and how you relate to it!

3. Do It For Your Body

Many of us spend 24 hours a day doing literally nothing but tilting our heads to look at our computer or our phone. That’s not good for the mind, body, or soul. We were made to move.

I’ve heard so many people say “I’d love to get away from the drama…” Getting away from drama is easy. Stop looking at everything on social media. don’t immediately answer every text. Stop falling for the imaginary information trap. The information you’re drowning in isn’t actually information. It’s a collection of useless filler that keeps you from the things that are important.

Who won the Indy 500 yesterday has no baring on my life. Taking a hike yesterday I took note of a huge dead tree in a spot where I was about to put my hammock. That information has a direct baring on my life. Useless information clouds the mind daily. A body in motion stays in motion. If you’re not use to taking hikes it might be hard for you. But if you stick with it you might think yourself years down the road. you’ll be able to get out and enjoy what’s left of your life from somewhere other than the old folks home.

Get out here and take a hike! Clear your mind! and do it again tomorrow and the next day! Make it a habit!

Three Reasons you should go hiking now! What are you reasons to go hike!? Let us know in the comments! for more interesting articles head over to our Facebook page or over to the Cavalletto Magazine Home Page! Three Reasons you should go hiking now!

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