What Choices Have You Made?

What Choices Have You Made?

What Choices Have You Made? This morning like every morning I come in early. I take quite literally the old saying “Early to bed, early to rise, Makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” I’ve been doing this for years now. Nothing unusual. I watch the sun hit the trees as it rises, and I watch the parking lot feel up as people start to show up for work. This morning was no different.

At about ten till eight this morning a lady pulled into a spot, or I should say pulled into two spots. She had gotten my attention for some reason. I watched her get out of her car and walk around to see that she had parked over the line into the next spot. She stopped and looked for a moment. She took about two big steps towards moving her car, then she turned back and stood there for a moment. after a couple of seconds she took those two big steps towards moving her car again. Once again she went back to her original position. Then repeated the process one more time before going on about her day.

Normally I wouldn’t think about this. But this lady noticed that she had made a mistake, turned back to fix it not once, not twice, but three times. It took her longer to be indecisive about fixing the mistake than it would have taken her to fix the problem. After she walked away her choice affected the next three people to park to the right of her car.

How many times a day do we all make this same choice? have we affected other people unbeknownst to us? How many times a day could we fix a problem faster than we could think about it? I suppose some problems require more thought than others. How many little problems do we ignore that turn into bigger problems on down the road.

If it’s wrong we should take the time to fix it. I’m not talking about parking. I’m talking about our projects, relationships, our day to day activities. This woman made a choice based on her personal convenience. that inconvenienced three others this morning. These choices start to build up in our lives. What if this would have been something more important? Would she still have made the same choice out of laziness?

What choices have you made this morning and how have they impacted your life since you’ve awoke? How has one choice after another compiled what you call a life? Would you go back and make the same choices over? Would that lady have moved her car over? I’m guessing probably not since she thought about it and chose not to three different times.

Ask yourself, “Would I have moved the car? or would I have left it double parked?” What choices are you going to make going forward today? Remember some choices have an obvious answer. Even though we sometimes refuse to acknowledge it.

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